Retrofy your Hi-Fi system!

AirCassette is a cassette player application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose your favourite cassette from a variety of nostalgic cassette models. Play queue, sharing, AirPlay and the possibility to create your own mixtapes guarantee an outstanding music experience. Download now!


AirCassette reviews

“I’d be sold on this $2 app just for the retro tape skins, but it actually looks to be a pretty decent music player, too.” – Wired

“Watching a cassette tape spin on the iPhone’s high-resolution display is oddly calming and, thanks to digital compression, the audio is far superior in AirCassette than it ever was on my Sony Walkman.” – The New York Times

“But all that is essentially icing over the app’s sweet interface which is what makes this player stand out from other apps out there.” – Übergizmo

“AirCassette taps into that nostalgic feeling by giving me an awesome UI that awesomely re-creates a tape. Seeing the cassette tape spin on my iPhone’s screen makes me happy. Like I remember where I came from or something.” – Gizmodo

“AirCassette for iPhone, however, is one cassette tape that’s just plain awesome. That’s because it’s not really a cassette tape (obviously), but it’s a terrific music player that’s designed to look like one, and it looks fantastic.” – Cult of Mac

“It is, of course, completely and utterly pointless, and something you’ll buy and muck around with for a bit before the novelty wears off, then only get out to show off to people. The thing is, though, in that respect it’s already earned one genuine squeal of delight from a friend, and on those grounds it’s impossible to not love it. **** “ – Tap!